FlashEx, Guazi.com and Jumei Called for Talks with Regulator about Violations

Chinese regulators found that intracity delivery service provider FlashEx (闪送), used car selling and buying platform Guazi.com, as well as cosmetics e-commerce platform Jumei (聚美优品) violated regulations in user data collection and imposed mandatory user authorization to acquire permission to use cameras and recorders, as well as collect users’ information such as their phone number.

The companies’ leaders were summoned by the Beijing Communications Administration to discuss their regulatory breaches, and were issued written notifications to rectify and reform within a set time.

Regulators required the three companies to “raise their political awareness, fulfill their responsibilities to protect data security, fully realize the importance of mobile app’s internet data security and carry out the reform and rectification of the problems.”

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The companies have been requested to submit written reports of their reform, promise the elimination of such problems, improve their management and strengthen protective measures concerning data security.

The Beijing Communications Administration said it will continue the inspection of mobile app’s data security and notify troubled companies to reform. Companies that do not comply in time or do not do so properly will be fined or penalized.

The mobile app data security inspection project was initiated in September by the Beijing Communications Administration and targets mainstream mobile apps permitted in Beijing. The project will last till the end of the year.