Final Price of Huawei AITO M5 Settled

The official final retail price of AITO M5, an intelligent luxury SUV jointly developed by Seres and Huawei is settled recently. After subsidies, prices of the rear-drive Standard Edition, 4WD Performance Edition, 4WD Premium Edition are 249,800 yuan, 279,800 yuan and 319,800 yuan, respectively.

At the Huawei Flagship Product Launch in December last year, the AITO M5 was officially rolled out. The model’s electric drive system and intelligent console are provided by Huawei as Huawei’s team is deeply involved in the industrial design. Its battery life under WLTC condition exceeds 1,000 km.

The new HarmonyOS intelligent console is equipped with 3D face recognition functionality, which allows the automatic logging in to users’ personal Huawei accounts when getting into the vehicle. Users can not only create their own control center, but also perform remote checks, control, and unlocking with their smartwatches.

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In terms of intelligent driving, AITO M5 supports L2 + level intelligent assisted driving, including lane cruise assistance, blind zone warning, radar warning and lane deviation. In addition, the new car supports 360°intelligent parking.