FF Announces Progress with Geely, Company to Open Flagship Stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Faraday Future (FF) announced at the 919 Futurist Day Co-Creation Celebration held on September 19th that substantial progress has been achieved in its cooperation with Geely Holdings and that both sides have completed the first stage of technical cooperation.

On January 29th, Geely announced that it had signed a framework cooperation agreement with FF, and both sides would cooperate in technical support and engineering services. And FF announced on September 19th that the technical teams from both sides are connecting closely for the acceptance and development of platform technology.

Chris Xuefeng Chen, the CEO of FF China, and other executives were at the 919 Futurist Day Co-Creation Celebration. Chen announced the latest progress of FF 91 mass production and channel sales strategy, and said that the company would open the first batch of FF 91 flagship stores in China in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The latest progress of mass production and delivery of FF 91 was also unveiled. FF has produced cars in full scale, recruited many staff for technical support personnel, and welcomed a new VP of manufacturing, Matt Tall, who is responsible for FF’s manufacturing work. All of these elements will help FF realize its promise of mass production and delivery of the FF 91 within 12 months after going public.

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FF also announced its sales and marketing strategy of FF 91 in China. At present, FF has constructed an ecological sales model integrating online and offline, and formed a sales network with light assets through online platforms (FF Intelligent App and FF.com), FF’s own stores, partners’ own stores and exhibition halls. According to official data, 70% of the new orders come from the FF Intelligent App since the App was launched two months ago.