Family Members of Fatal NIO ES8 Accident Accuse NIO of Helping Destroy and Falsify Evidence

Sina Tech reported on Sunday that materials obtained from the family of the deceased in a NIO ES8 traffic accident suggest that police have accepted a case in which NIO stands suspected of helping to destroy and falsify evidence related to the incident.

The family reportedly provided two pieces of evidence to police: A video and a recording of NIO staff admitting to privately contacting the internal system of the vehicle in question.

On August 12, Mr. Lin Wenqin, founder of the brand management firm Meiyihao, died in a traffic accident after activating the Navigate on Pilot (NOP) function while driving a NIO ES8 model. This fatal accident triggered controversy surrounding automatic driving technology on domestic social media.

On the 18th, a so-called “NIO Owner Statement” was released, arguing that NIO did not confuse or mislead users in the introduction and publicity of the NOP function. This statement was opposed by many NIO owners.

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Previously, the family and lawyer of the deceased had suspected NIO staff of contacting the vehicle involved in private, or affecting the integrity of evidence and data. NIO admitted that its staff cut off the power supply of the vehicle parking lot, but this action was intended for the safety of the vehicle battery after the high-speed collision and would not lead to any data loss. However, Lin Wenqin’s relatives and friends expressed doubt. They suspect that NIO staff were charging the vehicle by connecting the wire to the trunk, and don’t believe the company’s assertion that they were merely cutting off the power.