EV Startup WM Motor Launches New E.5 Sedan

On Friday, WM Motor, an electric vehicle startup, launched the 2022 version of its E.5, a smart, pure electric sedan including two models with price tags (after subsidies) of 180,100 yuan ($28,251) and 190,100 yuan ($29,820).

The new E.5 utilizes a longer wheelbase measuring 2810mm and a panoramic awning of 1.91 ㎡. Further, the vehicle’s console is equipped with dual 12.3-inch large screens and the Living Mate intelligent console system. The intelligent voice system can control multimedia, vehicle, entertainment and other parts of the vehicle’s system. The E.5 is also equipped with the L2-level Living Pilot 3.5 Base intelligent assisted driving system, which provides adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and front collision warning system.

In terms of power, the new vehicle is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 240 N • m. In terms of batteries, the E.5 model is equipped with ternary lithium batteries to support a NEDC cruising range of 505km. The battery pack also meets the highest current waterproof and dustproof standards and has passed more than 16 tests. The battery is able to go from 30% to 80% with fast charging in only 39 minutes.

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Previously, WM Motor launched a new product naming system and released its W Series and M Series. The former represents SUVs and the latter represents sedans. At present, WM Motor has unveiled the SUV EX5 and the W6, the sedan M7, and a travel market-oriented E.5, among other vehicle types. The E.5 is a tailor-made sedan for the ride-hailing market and now the company wants it to become a family option due to its high sales performance.