EV Maker BYD’s Han DM-i Road Test Photo Leaked, Model Expected to be Released in First Half of Next Year

The BYD’s Han DM-i electric vehicle (EV) model was declared and approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) as early as June this year, which indicates that the product lineup in the firm’s Han series will be further expanded. According to the plan, the new model is expected to be officially launched in the first half of next year.

A road test spy photo of a BYD’s DM-i model was leaked on Weibo on Monday morning by Chinese media outlet Yiche. The overall style of this model is very similar to that of BYD Han, which still uses Dragon Claw tail lights. At the same time, the DM-i logo on the lower left also clarifies the identity of this car, but unfortunately the Chinese character logo on the right side is not exposed.

(Source: Weibo)

Combined with previous application drawings, the BYD Han DM-i is built in Dragon Face design. The front face has a large-size polygonal air intake grille. The “Han” logo is engraved in the middle of the decorative strip. The left and right lower corners of the front also have vertical air guide grooves, and a sharp decorative strip extends.

(Source: MIIT)

According to the information shown on the MIIT website, the power system of this model adopts BYD’s new DM-i plug-in hybrid system, which is more economical than the current Han DM (DM-p) model.

According to Chinese media outlet IThome, compared with the combination of 2.0T and rear axle motor adopted by BYD Han DM, Han DM-i is equipped with a new hybrid system of Xiaoyun 1.5T engine and EHS145. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 102kW and the maximum torque is 231 Nm. The maximum power of the motor is 145kW and the maximum torque is 325 Nm, of which the weight of the short-range version is only 1.7 tons.

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In addition, this model is expected to adopt BYD’s own lithium iron phosphate blade battery pack, which can be divided into two versions according to the declared fuel consumption, 0.8L/100km and 1.4L/100km respectively. The curb weight of BYD Han DM-i are 1870kg and 1760kg respectively.