Ericsson’s Guangzhou R&D Team Undergoes Layoffs

On November 6th, according to a disclosure by an Ericsson employee on social media, there has been a major personnel adjustment at Ericsson’s research and development center in Guangzhou. The entire 5G Tool development team has been laid off, with only the market sales and technical support teams being retained.

Furthermore, employees have revealed that the layoffs have also affected teams in Beijing and Shanghai. It is reported that the deadline for these layoffs is December 31st, with a compensation package of N+3+year-end bonus. Currently, it is unclear about the specific number or proportion of employees being laid off. Additionally, recruitment at Ericsson’s Guangzhou R&D Center has been halted, with no available positions, further confirming the news of layoffs.

Ericsson has 5 research and development centers in China, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Nanjing. It has a total of approximately 13,000 employees, with around 6,000 of them being part of the research and development team. As early as February this year, Ericsson announced plans to globally reduce its workforce by about 8%, which amounts to approximately 8,500 employees.

It is worth mentioning that in late October, it was rumored that the major processor manufacturer AMD would lay off 10%-15% of its workforce in China and provide compensation up to N+4. AMD responded by saying, “The online rumors are false. Based on adjustments to the company’s strategy, we have recently made minor optimizations and reorganizations to our organizational structure.” Subsequent reports also indicated that the number of layoffs at AMD this time was very small, mainly affecting newly hired employees who were recent graduates.

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