DP Technology Raises 100 million US dollars, Achieves AI Milestones in Science

DP Technology recently completed a new round of financing, raising about 100 million US dollars. The investors in this round include United Media FOFs, MSA Capital, Loyal Valley Capital, Evergreen Scitech Delta, and several other industry capitals. The funds from this financing will be mainly used to continue attracting top talents in the industry, deepen the full-stack capabilities from algorithmic original innovation to industrial software and industry solutions, and strengthen the industrialization and commercialization promotion of related technologies in fields such as biomedicine, new energy, chemicals, semiconductors.

DP Technology is committed to applying the new paradigm of “AI for Science” in the research and development of fundamental fields such as biomedicine, energy, materials, and information science and engineering. It aims to create a next-generation multi-scale simulation platform and industrial infrastructure. In recent years, DP Technology has entered a stage of accelerated growth in scale and commercialization, becoming an important leader in the AI for Science industry. It has launched a series of computational engines and pre-trained models that address various scientific fundamental problems such as microscale and mesoscale simulation, molecular property prediction, and experimental characterization optimization. Based on these advancements, it has developed innovative AI-driven R&D solutions for industries including scientific research, pharmaceuticals, batteries, etc., while rapidly establishing an open ecosystem and collaborative system based on AI for Science.

This round of investors has expressed positive expectations for DP Technology and the scientific revolution led by AI for Science, as well as its profound impact on the industry.

MSA Capital expresses that DP Technology has built a new generation of scientific research infrastructure, liberating the development process from past computational limitations and providing fresh possibilities for fields such as drug research and material exploration. The team possesses globally leading scientific research technology capabilities and is considered a pioneer and leader in the field of AI For Science worldwide. MSA Capital, as a private equity investment institution deeply rooted in China with a global perspective, is delighted to discover such a young and innovative local team. This kind of infrastructure innovation at the foundational level aligns with our continuous pursuit in the core technology arena. We look forward to growing together with DP Technology and supporting their transformation of scientific research achievements, jointly creating a new era for AI for Science.

Loyal Valley Capital stated that DP Technology is a pioneer in the field of AI4S and the first team in China to achieve world-class original achievements in the AI4S domain. We are optimistic about the use of AI technology as a new tool for scientific research, promoting the transformation of scientific research from a ‘small workshop’ model to a “platform-based research” model. In addition, AI4S can help establish an effective system driven by industrial demand for scientific research, bringing about changes in the paradigm of scientific research and new industrial formats. The integration of AI and industry can drive fundamental scientific research, promote industry development through bottom-up innovation, and bring greater practical value to various vertical industries such as materials and medicine. Most importantly, DP Technology has strong capabilities in product implementation and commercialization. Its developed scientific research platform and industrial software have been recognized by numerous universities and industrial clients, while its ability to engage with leading companies in dialogue and collaborative projects has been validated.

United Media FOFs expressed: We are delighted to see and support DP Technology, an enterprise that “uses technological innovation to solve real problems”. Technological innovation is difficult, as is solving real industry problems. However, DP Technology has successfully combined the two by creating a complete set of products and solutions that span from scientific innovation to industry implementation. They have led and promoted the development of the entire AI for the Science field. DP’s slogan is “Simulating the Future at Molecular Level”, with its “molecules” being a lightweight, innovative-driven interdisciplinary team. We look forward to seeing these “molecules” and their “force fields” create an exciting and interesting future.

Founder and CEO of DP Technology, Sun Weijie, stated that the world is fundamentally composed of atoms. All human creations in the material world essentially involve manipulating and combining over 100 types of atoms. In the era of AI for Science, these experiences and principles of manipulation and combination can be effectively captured in models and software. DP Technology hopes to utilize the new paradigm of AI for Science to provide researchers with tools such as hands, eyes, and brains to explore and manipulate the microcosmic and mesoscopic worlds. This will transform research and development in fields such as medicine and batteries from a large-scale experimental trial-and-error approach into a new paradigm of “computational design-experimental verification.” It aims to create an effective set of software tools and solutions for various industries while providing new impetus for technological progress, industrial upgrading, and building a technologically advanced nation.

DP Technology is a pioneer in the AI for Science research paradigm. Its innovative paradigm of “multi-scale modeling + machine learning + high-performance computing” has achieved a breakthrough in unifying accuracy and efficiency in multi-scale molecular simulations. With the next-generation molecular simulation technology, DeePMD, core members of the DP Technology team were awarded the highest prize in the field of high-performance computing, ACM Gordon Bell Prize, in 2020. Their related work was selected as one of China’s Top Ten Scientific and Technological Advances of 2020 by academicians from both Chinese academies, as well as one of the Global Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Technological Advances of 2020. DP Technology was also recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a national-level specialized new small giant.

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Since its establishment, DP Technology has never stopped innovating and implementing. In the past year, DP Technology and its partners have released a series of groundbreaking technological achievements, iterating and upgrading a range of AIorScience infrastructure, bringing AIorScience into the era of pre-trained models.

Developing AI for Science and promoting the “platform research” model requires addressing common problems in different scientific fields, as well as close collaboration between academia, industry, and research. Based on this, Academician E Wei Nan proposed at the 2023 Scientific Intelligence Summit to jointly build the infrastructure for AI for Science (referred to as the “Four Beams N Pillars”): The “Four Beams” include fundamental principles and data-driven algorithm models and software, high-precision, and high-efficiency experimental characterization methods, alternative literature databases and knowledge bases, highly integrated computing platforms; while the “N Pillars” refer to industrial design and simulation automation platforms that empower practical scenarios in industries such as medicine, batteries, chemicals supported by the “Four Beams”.

Based on the platform architecture of “Four-Beam N Column” and solid underlying technical capabilities accumulated over the years, DP Technology has created industrial design and simulation infrastructure such as Bohrium® Research Cloud Platform, Hermite® Drug Calculation Design Platform, RiDYMO® Difficult-to-Formulate Drug Target Development Platform, and Piloteye™ Battery Design Automation Platform. It has also launched industry solutions that are compatible with these platforms. Currently, DP Technology’s strong research and industrial implementation capabilities are gradually being demonstrated through collaborations with leading clients in fields such as medicine, materials, and new energy. By empowering through industrial design platforms, it aims to build a complete ecosystem from bottom-up innovation to industrial implementation.

In the field of scientific research, as the gateway to the AI for Science era, Bohrium® integrates open knowledge sharing, convenient simulation computing, and efficient development collaboration. It has empowered hundreds of research groups from different universities and research institutes. Through user-friendly cloud-based notebooks, AI4S computing tools optimized for cloud computing and high-performance computing hardware, diverse scientific computation apps, and abundant computational resources, Bohrium® has significantly expanded the boundaries of research productivity. It continuously enhances the innovative effectiveness of researchers in the learning, application, and exploration stages, creating a group of developers in the AI for Science era.

In the field of biomedicine, DP Technology has collaborated with multiple clients to extensively integrate the computational paradigm of physical modeling + AI with preclinical drug development. This includes major listed pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, GSK Pharmaceuticals, Hongbo Pharmaceuticals, Enhua Pharmaceuticals, Yifang Biotechnology, Shanghai Hengrui Medicine, as well as leading innovative biotech companies and domestic and foreign CRO giants. They have all utilized DP Technology’s solutions to enhance research and development investment efficiency and decision-making quality.

In terms of battery research and development, industry representatives including CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.) and Do-Fluoride expressed that Piloteye™ breaks through the boundaries of R&D innovation by leveraging strong engineering capabilities, innovative algorithms, and industry know-how. It bridges the gap between computation and experimentation, while also providing convenient operation and user-friendly features. Moreover, Piloteye™ effectively reduces the threshold for researchers to use computational simulation software, allowing them to focus more on key issues in the industry.

In 2022, DP Technology led the release of the world’s first industry-oriented ‘AI for Science Global Observation and Outlook report. Recently, at the 2023 Science Intelligence Summit, they also published the 2023 edition of the Observation and Outlook, authorized by Xinhua News Agency. The “Outlook” starts from the AI4S platform system architecture known as the “Four Beams and N Pillars,” calling on researchers and professionals from various industries to break barriers, build consensus, create connections, and form iterations together to construct a comprehensive ecosystem for AI for Science in academia-industry-research collaboration and embrace a future of mutual success.

We see that more and more institutions and companies are starting to pay attention to and participate in AI for Science, embracing the tremendous improvement in innovation effectiveness and economic benefits brought by the new research paradigm, gaining a competitive advantage in the future. The future of AI for Science is promising.