Douyin’s Game Platform, Momoyu, Will Cease Operations on March

On January 30th, the Momoyu gaming platform under Douyin announced that it will cease operations on March 29th, 2024.

For games that have been downloaded and played, players can install the same game software and continue their experience through official app stores or game websites. However, the Momoyu platform cannot guarantee that every game will provide a game account migration solution to players. Game accounts and progress may not be recoverable.

The Momoyu Exchange Mall will stop accepting exchanges on March 29, 2024. Users can click on [My]-[Exchange Mall] to view any remaining unused fish coins and promptly exchange them for relevant gifts. If there are still unredeemed fish coins in the personal account by the time the platform ceases operation, it will be considered as voluntarily giving up related virtual assets. The unredeemed fish coins will be cleared when the platform shuts down, and no claims can be made as a result.

After the suspension of the Momoyu platform, users will be unable to open the Momoyu application, log in to their personal accounts, or use account information. The platform account information will be deleted after the expiration of the statutory storage period.

If users have uploaded or posted any information on the Momoyu platform, such as videos or game communities, or have any precious memories that need to be preserved, please check and save backups before the platform shuts down.

The Momoyu gaming platform gathers a large number of mini-games, which can be played online for free. It has a community and forum where players can freely share games and also receive various welfare packages.

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