Douyin Now Supports Alipay’s QR Code for Payment

ByteDance’s short video app Douyin has begun supporting Alipay’s collection code, a mobile and online payment platform, to finish payments, though the function is not available for Tencent‘s super app WeChat just yet, Tech Planet reported.

It is not surprising that Douyin now supports third-party payment by scanning QR codes. As TikTok’s sister app in China, Douyin’s business scope has expanded to e-commerce and daily life services.

Currently, users’ online code scanning is mainly for dining and shopping payments. Previously, it was reported that Douyin supported scanning QR codes to order food. The latest move allows Douyin users to complete ordering food and paying on the platform without opening other apps.

Although Douyin has not yet launched its own payment QR code, as its business grows, the possibility can not be ruled out.

Douyin boasts advantages in traffic and algorithms, which have helped increase the exposure of stores and store users’ preferences. Douyin is now leveraging these advantages to offer daily life services, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation. On the homepage of food delivery giant Meituan, 44 daily life service sections are subdivided, covering take-out, retail consultant, parent-child and so on.

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A report from Douyin in January 2023 revealed that its daily life service business had achieved an annual GMV of 77 billion yuan ($11.2 billion) in 2022, covering 370 cities and over one million merchants. However, according to a sample survey conducted by Zhongtai Securities, the number of merchants settled in Douyin accounted for only 34%, 26%, and 10% of those in Meituan in three business districts.