Douyin Enhances Its Intelligent Search with the Testing of the ‘AI Search’ Feature

As one of the most popular short video platforms in China, Douyin recently tested a new feature called ‘AI Search’ within its main app. This is an artificial intelligence-based search and question-answering service that can provide users with quick, accurate, and comprehensive answers.

The ‘AI Search’ feature is located within the search interface of the Douyin app, alongside other search services such as products, group buying, users, and videos. Users only need to input relevant questions or information in ‘AI Search’ to obtain answers generated by intelligent search technology. The answers not only come from high-quality videos within Douyin but also include information from third-party websites, with provided links for users to view more details and explanations. Additionally, based on user queries, ‘AI Search’ can suggest related questions that users may find interesting.

The ‘AI Search’ feature of Douyin is an important symbol of Douyin entering the era of intelligent search. It not only brings users a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent search experience but also provides new opportunities and challenges for creators. Through ‘AI Search,’ high-quality video content from creators may be used as reference sources for answers, thereby gaining more exposure and traffic, motivating creators to continue creating valuable content.

Douyin is not the only platform that has launched AI search and question-answering services. Since this year, major domestic apps have been actively expanding in the field of intelligent search. For example, Taobao has introduced ‘Taobao Wenwen’ on top of its existing search function, specifically targeting e-commerce search guidance scenarios. Baidu App and Bilibili have also separately launched AI intelligent search and Search AI Assistant to provide users with more intelligent search information services.

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