DJI to Release New Drone on August 25

On August 18, leading Chinese drone brand DJI announced that it will release a new product at 21:00 on August 25, with the slogan “Born to Fly.” It can be seen from a promotional video that the device seems to be a flying product with propellers. Unlike other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), there are four green dots on the top, which may represent electricity and signals.

The video shows that the new UAV adopts a ring-like shape, with three foot pads at the bottom, and without visible wings on the aircraft. The wings might be located in the center of the rings, which can be effective in avoiding bumping into objects while in flight.

Previously, Twitter user OsitaLV exposed a drone product named DJI Avata, which looks very similar to the picture of the new product in the official website. DJI Avata supports the new flight glasses for aerial photography experience from the first-person perspective, and also supports somatosensory control through the rocker like DJI FPV, which can fly indoors.

Leaked information suggests that the product weighs 400g, has a built-in 2420mAh battery and provides 18 minutes of battery life. In terms of imaging, this UAV is equipped with the same OV48 sensor as the DJI Mini 3 Pro, with a size of 1/1.3 inches and a lens aperture value of f/1.7. It can realize static image shooting of 48 MP and support 4K/60P video recording.

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Tipsters also said that the UAV to be launched soon is a CineWhoop FPV-style UAV. Compared with FPV UAV, it has some advantages such as a smaller size, and it can provide a more stable flight experience with its pipeline rotor architecture, which enables it to capture more stable shots, and the rotor is protected for improved safety. The DJI Avata is expected to be firm’s second FPV drone and the first to follow the CineWhoop design philosophy.