DJI to Launch New Generation of Plant Protection Drones at Nov. 15 Conference

Chinese leading drone manufacturer DJI officially announced today that it will hold a new agricultural product launch conference at 20:00 on November 15 with the theme of “To the Cultivator.” At present, the firm has not disclosed any information about its new products.

In 2016, DJI released its first plant protection drone, the MG-1, capable of a 10 kg load and a price tag of 52,999 yuan ($8,300). DJI also held a new agricultural product launch conference in November 2020. It launched plant protection drones T30 and T10, of which the bare machine of T30 is priced the same as T20 released in 2019, with a price of 29,999 yuan.

The bare machine price of T10 once again broke the lower limit of the firm’s plant protection machine price, selling for only 19,999 yuan. One year later, this upcoming launch conference is expected to see the firm release a new generation of plant protection drones.

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The company has frequently introduced new products of late. In October and November of this year, DJI held three press conferences in succession. On October 20, DJI’s first four-axis cinema camera Ronin 4D was launched, equipped with a Zenmuse X9 imaging system.

On October 27, the DJI Action 2 was launched, a full-scenario action camera, which provided the multi-form and adaptive magnetic design and could adapt to various shooting scenarios. On November 5, the Mavic 3 UAV was released, which had a dual camera system selling for at least 13,888 yuan. The product’s main camera is the 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera, with a long battery life of 46 minutes.