DJI Slams ‘Ridiculous’, ‘Untrue’ Rumors About 50% Company Layoffs

Shenzhen-based drone manufacturer DJI said they do not pay attention to ridiculous or untrue speculations, in response to an “at least 50% layoff ” rumor on Wednesday, the company’s public relations director Xie Tiandi said on Weibo Thursday morning.

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“Right now, DJI is rushing to launch our next project,” Xie said. “We are looking forward to giving our global customers a surprise in the near future, so we have no time to look into ridiculous or untrue rumors.”

Some Chinese media such as Sina Finance and AI Caijing reported Wednesday that DJI is planning to cut at least 50% of jobs in the company. Employees, for the time being, are “working from home.”

“DJI is going to lock your computer first, disable your email account, and then notify you to leave the company,” according to one internet user Sina Finance quoted in the story.

However, DJI’s PR director denied the layoff rumors as “untrue”, saying that fighting the global epidemic is currently the most important thing for the company.

“DJI is providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technical support to many countries and regions in the world,” Xie wrote on Weibo. “We have helped more than 40 police and fire departments in the United States launch UAV programs.”

No further response has been released by the company.