DJI Osmo Action 3 Camera Sees Upgrades Including 10-Bit Color Support

Shenzhen-based drone company DJI released its Osmo Action 3 camera earlier this year, supporting up to 4K/120 frames of video and with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 155 degrees. When the device first hit the shelves, consumers’ biggest regret was probably its lack of 10-bit color support. On November 30, however, DJI released a firmware update for the Osmo Action 3, adding a 10-bit color mode with 1,024 levels of grayscale, up to 1.07 billion colors, more uniform color and less prone to faults.

The upgrades also have an image quality enhancement mode, RockSteady 3.0 super stability enhancement and 4K HDR video shooting to Osmo Action 3. At the same time, it now supports OTG-cable and Timecode functions, and the camera operating system supports Arabic.

Osmo Action 3 (Source: DJI)

With the addition of these new functions, the Osmo Action 3’s footage quality can be further improved. When shooting in multiple positions, post-production can be reduced to a certain extent, improving film production efficiency.

First released in August this year, the camera is equipped with a 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor, which is capable of shooting DCI 4K videos at up to 120fps and 12MP photos. It supports D-Cinelike color mode, time-lapse mode and digital zoom.

The device has a large battery of 1770mAh. In normal temperatures, it can record 1080p/30fps videos for up to 160 minutes, and 4k/60fps videos for up to 90 minutes without overheating.

Osmo Action 3 adopts a quick-release design, which helps users to fix the camera position and switch the lens simply and quickly. With the horizontal-vertical protective frame, it can quickly realize a vertical shooting mode. It can withstand both low temperatures and humid environments, and canbe used at depths of up to 16 meters of water.

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DJI has recently launched a number of new products and upgrades. On November 23, it released the T50 and T25 agricultural unmanned aircrafts and the Mavic 3 Multispectral Edition unmanned aircraft. These two brand-new agricultural products have been upgraded for application scenarios such as field spraying, fertilizer spreading and fruit tree spraying. With Mavic 3 Multispectral, the operation efficiency, effect, intelligence, stability and safety in agricultural production management have been upgraded to a new height.

DJI O3 Air Unit (Source: DJI)

On November 28, DJI also launched the DJI O3 Air Unit, which features a video transmission resolution of up to 1080p and costs 1,499 yuan ($210). This product is both a camera and a TX unit that users can mount onto a drone that enables them to fly from an FPV perspective.