Disney Drops First Teaser for its Live-Action Remake of Mulan

Two decades after the premiere of the original Mulan, Disney released the first teaser-trailer for its live-action reproduction of the iconic cartoon. It was first shown on Sunday, during the halftime break of the U.S.-Netherlands FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer game.

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The new version of the 1998 picture is directed by Niki Caro who became the second female director to direct a film budgeted at over $100 million for Disney. Seems like the film stuck to its feminist guns even during pre-production.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01ON04GCwKs&w=830&h=460]

Disney’s Mulan – Official Teaser by Walt Disney Studios

The part of the vigilant woman warrior in disguise was trusted to the Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei. However, it is still unclear what awaits two other beloved characters, dragon Mushu and cricket Cri-kee, who did not make it into the teaser.

Disney has recently gone on a remake spree, reviving a few of its biggest hits and cashing in on people’s nostalgia. The live-action version of Aladdin hit the screens earlier last month and was met with mixed reviews, the remake of Lion King is set to premiere on July 12 in China and July 18 in the rest of the world. The new version of Mulan is slated for release on March 27, 2020.