DingTalk Employees to Work from Home for One Day Each Month

The media outlet iFeng reported on Wednesday that DingTalk President Ye Jun issued an initiative in the company group chat, proposing employees to work from home for one day each month. The company started the initiative at the beginning of this month. Staff will use DingTalk for telecommuting and optimize the product based on their user experience. This practice sets an example in exploring future working methods.

Earlier, at the 2021 DingTalk Future Organization Conference in October, the company announced to have more than 500 million users and over 19 million organizations including enterprises and school. The conference also unveiled the annual trend keyword “digital productivity”.

Ye Jun spoke about the company’s goals, “DingTalk helps enterprises go digital helping to link their entire business together. Our high-quality growth relies on more than just DAUs and MAUs, but also involves the ability to discover and solve user problems, the time users spend using our products and services, the number of enterprises using our services and other indicators.”

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, online conferencing has become an important tool for enterprise services and has seen explosive growth in its deployment. Outside of China, Zoom has become a giant in the cloud conferencing business while, in country, DingTalk, VooV Meeting, Lark and Huawei Welink compete for business in the field.