Digital CRO Ashermed Completes Round-B Financing

Ashermed, a digital clinical research organization (CRO) focusing on the post-launch services market for innovative medical equipment, announced the completion of round-B financing of over 100 million yuan ($14.86 million) on Wednesday. This round was led by Qiming Venture Partners, followed by Daohe Healthcare and Score Capital. The firm’s existing shareholder, Insight Capital, continued to make additional investment, and MedBio Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor.

The funds will be mainly used for talent introduction, market expansion and further improvement of the product iteration of the company’s one-stop clinical services platform.

Founded in 2013, Ashermed is a digital CRO company that provides post-marketing clinical research, academic marketing, patient management and related technology R&D for innovative pharmaceutical companies in China and abroad. With a technology platform R&D team of nearly 100 people, the company has the most complete digital product matrix in the industry, and has successfully explored an innovative clinical research operation and management mode based on digital technology.

At present, Ashermed has expanded its disease service fields to liver diseases, tumors, hematology, and anesthesia, and has successfully operated more than 400 studies. During COVID-19, the company undertook a number of related scientific research projects led by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Peking University First Hospital. It also completed clinical research work such as data collection, monitoring and statistical analysis through digital technology empowerment and online remote clinical technology.

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Ashermed pays attention to the deep accumulation of industrial chain resources. Currently, thousands of research institutions and hundreds of thousands of hospitals and enterprise users have used the Ashermed Service Platform, thus accumulating a huge amount of data assets, medical knowledge bases, algorithms related to clinical trials.