Food Delivery Is About to Get Even Cheaper in Nine Cities as Didi Competes for Market Share

Didi Waimai, the taxi-hauling app Didi’s new food delivery platform, shared 9 posters on their official Weibo account on April 13th, claiming that a nationwide launch in site, also verifying earlier rumors of their entrance into nine cities.

The text on top of the posters says “You don’t have to come to Wuxi, we will come to you. Didi Waimai is expanding nationwide”, while the bottom of each poster shows the local specialties. This is in reference to the food delivery war that took pace in Wuxi recently between the three food delivery apps: Meituan,, and the newly entered Didi. More competition means better price for customers. With Didi’s entrance to food delivery, customers can expect the cost of delivery service being lowered further.

Didi Waimai Poster

As early as the start of Didi Waimai’s recruitment of delivery personnels in Wuxi, there were rumors that Didi Waimai will soon enter nine cities. On April 1st, Didi Waimai beta launched in Wuxi; after 3 days of trial operations, Didi Waimai declared that its local market share has reached 1/3 in Wuxi. Didi Waimai officially launched in Wuxi on April 9th, and announced that the number of orders on the first day reached 334,000, ranking the first in their market share in Wuxi.

Didi Waimai Logo

On April 3rd, Luo Wen, head of Didi Waimai stated that, “Because the trial launch in Wuxi turned out much better than expected, we will consider entering more cities in the near future.” At present, the app used by Didi delivery personnels show that they have the option to sign up in the cities of Wuxi, Nanjing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Jinan, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Chengdu and Xiamen.

This article originally appeared in Sina Tech and was translated by Pandaily.