Didi Ride in Nanjing Turns Violent

On November 9, a seemingly mundane Didi ride in the Chinese city of Nanjing spiraled out of control resulting in the passenger and driver coming to blows. A passenger asked the driver to speed and upon the driver’s refusal, a verbal conflict ensued. Following an escalation of tension and tempers, the ride resulted in a physical conflict between the two where the passenger was stabbed.

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For context, the driver has an unblemished record with over 10,000 rides completed on the platform, while the passenger had a comprehensive 5 star rating. The timeline of events that included the request to speed and the conflict that followed was obtained via Didi’s in-ride audio recording system. In addition to announcing a formal apology to the passenger, Mr. Wang, Didi dispatched an emergency team to the hospital where he was taken, and volunteered to pay the hospital fees incurred from the injury.

Didi also said that they would fully cooperate with the police investigation, and try to augment their safety provisions by providing guidelines for civil conduct between drivers and passengers to solve any disputes that may arise and avoid incidents like this in the future.