Didi Launches Safety Rectification Plan, Suspending Late-Night Ride-hailing Services for 7 Days

Following the recent rape-and-murder case, Didi, the ride-hailing giant in China, announced the launch of a safety rectification plan on September 4, suspending all late-night ride-hailing services across the platform for a whole week.

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According to Didi, the new safety plan introduces several major updates:

-upgrading Emergency SOS button to a direct Call Police function, where the existing emergency call function will be upgraded to a one-click “Call Police” button;

-adding a Safety Center to the DiDi passenger app offering quick access to safety functions;

-introducing a nation-wide in-app campaign to encourage users to set up emergency contacts and understand itinerary sharing;

-trialing in-trip audio recording with DiDi Express, DiDi Premier and other ride-hailing services supported by encryption and data protection measures;

-launching enhanced driver education and assessment programs;

-intensifying ongoing driver-vehicle compliance, background checks, daily facial recognition and other onboarding control measures;

-doubling down on investments into a new customer service system, including building an in-house professional CS team of 8000.

didi safety center
DiDi safety center

Notably, Didi announced to suspend its services including Taxi, Express, Uber China, DiDi Select, DiDi Express Pool, Premier and Luxe services from every day 23:00 pm to next day 5:00 pm during September 8 to 15 2018 in the Chinese mainland. Bike, Designated Driving, Bus, overseas Car Rental and used-car service will remain operational.

Didi will share progress and reviews of the rectification period with the public, the company says.

Didi has been under fire since the rape-and-murder of a 20-year-old young woman while using its hitch service in Zhejiang province in late August, the second in the past three months. The ride-hailing giant has been facing public anger and regulatory pressure and has issued public apologies, fired two executives and suspended its Hitch service indefinitely.