DiDi App Crashed, Full Repair Pending 

On the late evening of November 27, the Chinese ride-hailing app DiDi crashed. DiDi users in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou reported on social media that they were unable to use the DiDi app and that the maps were not loading. 

Some users said that after using DiDi to call for a ride-hailing service, the app suddenly became unusable and drivers couldn’t find passengers. Other users complained that their location was not displayed and they were unable to hail a car. There were also DiDi drivers who said that while transporting passengers, they encountered issues such as map navigation failure and map loading problems. Around 23:30, an attempt to access DiDi’s webpage yielded a blank page with “502 Bad Gateway” error message.

Later in the evening, DiDi Global Inc. responded on Weibo, confirming a system failure and stating that emergency repairs were underway.

On November 28th, DiDi announced that the technical team had worked overnight to fix the issue. As of this morning, DiDi’s ride-hailing services, including DiDi Express, were restored and users can now download the DiDi App to access taxi services. The bike-sharing service was still being gradually repaired, and all unlocked or unsecured shared bicycles could be ridden for free.

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