Denza High-End MPV to Feature EV Dual Power Mode

Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza’s sales department, said on Monday morning that the firm’s high-end MPV will feature DM and EV dual power modes, while the DM super hybrid will be able to drive for 1000km. The model will also feature other driving modes, including economical, normal, sport and snow.

The vehicle is also supported by super-hybrid technology with an ultra-high thermal efficiency engine and an EHS electric hybrid system. As compared to the extended hybrid, it has an additional form of direct engine drive and the super hybrid 4WD system delivers a combined torque of over 600Nm.

Furthermore, the innovative EV design boosts voltage with inductive motors, and the smart thermal management system of the battery provides a heat pump temperature ranging from -30 to 60ºC, addressing the severe problem of ensuring EV range in the winter.

(Source: Denza)

Denza is a joint venture set up by BYD and Daimler in 2010, headquartered in Shenzhen, and its first MPV is expected to be officially unveiled at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The new vehicle is positioned as a mid-to-large luxury MPV with a 2+2+3 layout and new design language, equipped with electric side sliding doors and the third row can be laid flat.

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Previous reporting has indicated that models in the Denza MPV series are equipped with an electric sunroof, large canopy, and double electric sunshade, and can open and close the electric sunroof with one button. Also, the model opens the two sliding doors automatically in the welcome mode. It features premium brand tires and double-pane silent glass on all four doors.