Ctrip Announces Over 200 Million MAU, Half from Overseas

This year’s overseas monthly active users (MAU) of Ctrip, a Chinese travel-booking company, took up nearly half of its total MAU, Ctrip CEO Sun Jie announced in an open letter on Dec. 28.

“Looking back at 2018, I am proud of being a member of Ctrip,” said Sun.

The global expansion of Ctrip’s subsidiaries, such as Skyscanner Holdings Ltd. and Trip.com, grouped 90 million MAU, while the parent company reached 200 million MAU.

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Skyscanner has covered more than 200 markets globally. Its number of MAU saw a year-on-year growth of 26 percent. While Trip.com was expanding in the Asian-Pacific region, investment in MakeMyTrip, WingOnTravel, ezTravel helped tap into the Indian, Hongkong and Taiwan markets.

“That means China will be more open as to integrate with the global culture. And the growth of international users benefits Ctrip’s global strategy,” said Sun.

Ctrip, or Ctrip.com International Ltd., witnessed the proportion of overseas users climbing since it launched its global strategy. Users outside of China now account for 45 percent of the total.

“We will utilize technology to explore the potential of overseas users’ growth.” Sun said.

With 300 million users producing more than 50 TB of data, Ctrip will try matching their services and products with customers, as well as promoting its supply chain efficiency and reducing the cost.

Featured photo credit to corporatemaldives.com