CRM Software Service Provider Salesforce Dissolves China Division

The China division of Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) software service provider, announced on August 3 its dissolution, and Salesforce’s office in Hong Kong was also closed, Chinese media outlet ebrun reported.

Previously, Salesforce’s China division was mainly responsible for the business in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At present, the business in Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong will be handed over to Alibaba Cloud while business in Taiwan is included in the Southeast Asia’s division and is managed by Salesforce’s Singapore Office.

The strategic cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce began at the Apsara Conference on July 25, 2019. Alibaba became the exclusive customer service provider of Salesforce in China. However, according to sources, cooperation between the two sides was slow before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Salesforce is a CRM software service provider founded in March 1999 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The company enables customers to customize and integrate their products with independent software vendors while building their own applications. For users, they can avoid the investment such as purchasing hardware and developing software, as well as complex background management.

Prior to this, in November 2021, Tableau, an American interactive data visualization software company acquired by Salesforce in 2019, stopped its direct business in the Chinese mainland and integrated its business into the cooperative relationship between Salesforce and Alibaba. Tableau’s software helps sales teams analyze data and make decisions faster.

In response to this news, Shi Yanze, CEO Neocrm, a domestic CRM enterprise, said that the reason for the dissolution of Salesforce China is not only the challenge of the business in China itself, but also relevant policies. As for the impact of dissolution, Neocrm said that it is still waiting to see, but it is a good opportunity for domestic CRM enterprises.