Costone Capital Invests in Chinese Smart Health Firm BackRobo Wellness

BackRobo Wellness, a manufacturer of smart health products in China, has secured 60 million yuan ($9.4 million) in round-A financing, mainly from Costone Capital, 36Kr reported on Wednesday. The funds are to be used for product R&D and market input.

BackRobo Wellness was established in April 2019. It focuses on scenarios such as sleeping and offices, and provides healthy and intelligent products. It has three major brands: Nitetronic, Backrobo and Blupeace. Nitetronic is an intelligent anti-snoring pillow brand; Backrobo focuses on intelligent office environment, and its products are intelligent office chairs; Blupeace focuses on smart sleep, and its products are sleep aid mattresses.

At present, BackRobo Wellness has a team of about 60 staff members. Its founder, Han Daohu, said that the underlying logic is to use technology to intervene and manage some health problems in people’s everyday lives.

BackRobo Wellness leverages its independently developed core technology and its contact-free health sensors can accurately sense the user’s heartbeat, breathing, heart rate, body movement, and other data when the user is lying and sitting. The office chair realizes intelligent waist support, seat induction, sedentary management, wireless use and other functions.

According to Han Daohu, BackRobo Wellness ships around 30,000 smart office chairs and more than 20,000 smart mattresses. In 2021, it delivered sales of about 50 million yuan, while the sales figure for the first quarter of 2022 is close to last year’s, and its sales target for this year is 200 million yuan.

BackRobo Wellness fully relies on online marketing channels for sales, and its marketing system covers Tmall, Douyin,, Zhihu and other leading Chinese platforms.

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The company says it will step up its operations on e-commerce platforms and continually polish and iterate its products. Also, it will develop offline retail to accommodate the offline experience of smart health products and the need for increased user contacts.