CooTek’s Readict App Releases NFT Digital Collection

Readict, an online reading app owned by Shanghai-based mobile internet company CooTek, launched the NFT Digital Collection and Digital Collection Mall for the first time on Wednesday. Digital collections are sold in limited quantities for readers to purchase and collect, which is an important step in CooTek’s exploration of the metaverse field through pan-entertainment ecological construction.

Readict is an online reading app developed by a studio that received investment from CooTek. It targets the global market, and has attracted a large number of overseas readers. Through the commonality of digital collections and the connection between authors and readers in the metaverse, Readict aims to provide an interactive and more immersive reading experience.

With this release, Readict users can set up NFT purchasing portals within the reader, and immerse themselves in the NFT digital collections associated with their works during reading. They can also check and buy digital collections related to their favorite works through the built-in digital collection mall and other functions in the app.

The first digital collection is inspired by the heroine’s costumes in The Billionarie’s Baby. This is one of the most popular works on Readict, attracting a large number of readers, and its printed version can be bought on Amazon.

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In the future, CooTek will actively explore the metaverse experience of integrating novels and games. All kinds of IP images, scenarios, and props in novels will be within reach of users through digital collections and games. For example, in the future, users will be able to use the digital images, props and other elements in novels they bought in the games, and they can also resell digital collections.

CooTek will work on “Read/Write-to-Earn” features based on Readict, further exploring digital currency and build a brand-new content ecological model. By introducing encrypted digital cash into the content ecology of online reading, content creators and content consumers are encouraged to create a new mode of content.