Cocos Bags $50M Round-B Financing With Investment From GGV Capital

Cocos, a digital interactive content development platform, announced on Monday that it has completed a B round of financing totaling $50 million, with investors including GGV Capital, CCB Trust and Agora.

Founded in 2010, Cocos is a digital interactive content development platform. It has been deeply focusing on the underlying technology for many years and providing professional products and services. The Cocos Creator is an efficient and easy-to-use cross-platform interactive digital content development engine operated by the company. It is also an open source engine that can meet all-round creative needs.

In the past year, the Cocos Creator has made many major version updates. Based on the 2D application field, it has made breakthroughs and great progress in 3D application field while continuously optimizing. It has cooperated with Huawei, becoming the world’s first cross-platform graphics rendering engine supporting Harmony OS, and officially supports multi-device collaboration within the Harmony OS system.

The Cocos engine started from the development of mobile games. As one of the three top cross-platform game engines in the world alongside Unreal and Unity, the games developed by Cocos engine cover all categories of the market and are widely used and recognized across the world. Leading game developers including Tencent, NetEase, Nintendo and Ubisoft have used the Cocos engine to develop their products.

At present, Cocos has accumulated 1.5 million registered developers and 300,000 monthly active developers, covering more than 203 countries and regions around the world and supporting over 1.6 billion devices. Cocos’ open source projects have accumulated more than 30,000 stars and more than 10,000 “forks” on Github. Developers around the world have spontaneously published nearly 80 tutorial books in five languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

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In the virtual digital human field, Cocos has realized five key technologies, such as modeling, customization of mouth shapes, dynamic capture, rendering and AI access, to help developers create realistic 3D characters. At the end of 2021, Beijing-based internet company Baidu released its metaverse product, “Xirang,” and Cocos has recently become a partner of Baidu, providing a technology platform base for the metaverse.