CMGE Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Volcengine

On Friday, CMGE and Volcengine held a ceremony for the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The bilateral cooperation aims to establish a strategic ecosystem and create a new business cooperation model based on a digital platform.

The signing of this agreement marks the strengthening of ties between CMGE and Volcengine in the fields of big data algorithms, AI agents, virtual reality and other associated businesses.

Owning games such as Chinese Paledin and Monopoly, CMGE was listed on the NASDAQ in September 2012 but was subsequently delisted in August 2015. It was listed again on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 31, 2019.

Since its launch in June 2020, Volcengine has made available the technical tools for ByteDance worldwide. At present, the company serves industries that range from  internet services, smartphones, finance, automobiles and advanced manufacturing applications.

In regard to marketing promotions, games, and technology, CMGE has signed agreements with ByteDance’s Ocean Engine, NUVERSE, and Volcengine.

Regarding game distribution, the 3D action mobile game “One Piece” was jointly produced by CMGE and NUVERSE, and started public beta on April 22nd. Also within the first half of 2022, another blockbuster, “KOF All Star”, was produced by both companies and will be launched globally.

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A series of games backed by CMGE have gained popularity with the support of the Ocean Engine. In the future, CMGE will further cooperate with Ocean Engine in product development, global promotion and operation. The strategy of CMGE will be fully supported by the massive high-precision data of Ocean Engine. In the launch and operation of products, CMGE will rely on Ocean Engine to host live-streams and make short videos.