Chinese Veterinarians Fly to USA to Take Care of Giant Panda

On March 16th, the Beijing Park Management Center responded to questions about two panda breeding experts from the Beijing Zoo setting out to take care of the giant panda Ya Ya in the United States.

The staff of the Beijing Park Management Center said that the two experts who are en route to the United States will be mainly responsible for taking care of the giant panda’s day to day needs while treating her skin diseases and assisting the Memphis Zoo in nursing work. The experts hope to be able to evaluate Ya Ya’s current health status.

Sadly, on February 2 this year, the Chinese Zoo Association received a notice from Memphis Zoo in the US that Le Le, a 25-year-old giant panda in the United States, was found dead on the morning of February 1, local time in the US. After the joint judgment of experts from China and the United States, his death was due to heart disease. Le Le’s sudden death has aroused public concern about Ya Ya’s health in Memphis.

Some volunteers and overseas Chinese in the United States had previously reported that the giant panda Ya Ya was beleaguered by extensive skin diseases, malnutrition and diarrhea. Subsequently, experts conducted an on-site inspection and assessed that Ya Ya still showed signs of having a good appetite and stable weight except for some hair loss caused by the skin diseases.

On March 8th, the Chinese Zoo Association issued a Circular on the Progress of Giant Panda Cooperation in Memphis Zoo, saying that the Beijing Zoo will send veterinarians and keepers to the United States next week to familiarize themselves with the breeding situation of the giant panda, and work with the Memphis Zoo to help breeding, nursing and escorting Ya Ya back home. After monitoring by technical experts from both parties, Ya Ya’s health appears stable.

At the same time, the circular stressed that up to now, China has completed all the necessary examination and approval items, and the Beijing Zoo has made preparations for welcoming the giant panda Ya Ya home, including feeding site, schedule, medical security and other supplies.

According to the contract signed by China and the United States to rent giant pandas, the contract between Ya Ya and Le Le, giant pandas in the United States, expires on April 7.

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According to the website of the US’s Federal Gazette, the US has officially started to publicize the certification materials for the return of the giant pandas to the Memphis Zoo, including the transportation preparations for the return of Ya Ya and Le Le. The publicity period officially started on March 13 and will last until April 12. However, Ya Ya’s specific date of return has not yet been confirmed.