Chinese Short Video Platform Kuaishou Announces Organizational Restructuring

Chinese short video platform Kuaishou announced today that, in order to better promote business and further improve the company’s efficiency, it has launched a new round of organizational restructuring.

According to internal emails, many core business units, including product operations, e-commerce and commercialization of the main channels of Kuaishou, have formed a closed loop after this round of structural adjustment. Services strongly related to this closed loop in functional departments, including R&D and data analysis, will be split into various business divisions so as to further enhance the efficiency and fluency of overall business operations.

With this round of organizational restructuring, the production and transportation line was formally set up to group together several departments, including those involved with products, operations, user growth, game ecology, search and other businesses. In addition, four major business divisions, including e-commerce, commercialization, internationalization and gaming, have taken shape.

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In addition, Jiemian reported today that Yan Qiang, Senior Vice President of Kuaishou, said that he was about to leave due to physical reasons. Previously, in the structural adjustment in July this year, Wang Jianwei took over from Yan Qiang as the head of the user growth department in Kuaishou. As early as the end of May 2020, Yan Qiang, as the former person in charge of commercialization in Kuaishou, transferred his post with Ma Hongbin, who was formerly in charge of operations.