Chinese Hard Sci-fi “The Wandering Earth” Lands on Netflix

The hit Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth will debut on Netflix on Apr. 30. It is reported that Netflix has bought the copyright of the film as early as Feb. 21, and has had it translated into 28 languages, which will be available in 190 countries and regions around the globe.

During the Chinese New Year, the film earned a high reputation as well as outstanding box office results. Its total box office income has reached 4.6 billion, second only to the Chinese patriotic blockbuster Wolf Warrior 2, which garnered 5.67 billion yuan in total.

The film shares the patriotism in Wolf Warrior 2, but with an underlying universal perspective. It tells the story of how people around the world, under the rally of a small Chinese team, gathered their last hope to save the planet and themselves, when the sun is ailing and the earth is about to clash with Jupiter.

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The film got an IMDb rating of 7.2. The collectivism and the Chinese unique “family-country” complex, in stark contrast to the Hollywood individualistic heroism, has touched overseas viewers deeply. “The story is not everyday Hollywood style: Superhero saves the day; everyone else is there to give a round of applause. This movie brings a serious question to the audience: What are you gonna do facing an unavoidable, irresistible disaster to our civilization? All characters in the movie are ordinary people and everyone gives their answer with shining humanity. Against all the odds no one gives in without a good fight.” One viewer said on IMDb.

“After producing a string of sloppy, cringe-worthy sci-fi films, Chinese cinema has finally delivered one with awe-inspiring visual, and more surprisingly, a humanizing story.”

However, several overseas netizens expressed their less supportive feelings towards the movie, by pointing out that the storyline and characters are still yet to be improved. The awkward translation might also create some barriers for foreign audiences to understand the plot fully.

Netflix’ purchase of The Wandering Earth can also be seen as a successful case of cultural output.

Featured photo credit to The Wandering Earth