Chinese Gaming Organization and 213 Gaming Firms Including Tencent and NetEase Launch Convention Against Game Addiction

On Thursday evening, a committee under the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association issued a document on its official WeChat account, saying that the committee, together with Tencent, NetEase and 213 other gaming firms, launched a convention on online gaming anti-addiction.

According to the convention, all kinds of games should be fortified with anti-addiction settings and parental monitoring systems, and real-name identity authentication must be strictly implemented during downloading and purchasing. The time and recharge limit of providing online games to minors should be carried out strictly. For game products available to minor users, the age prompt should be clearly presented on the game interface.

The online gaming industry also resolutely prohibit illegal content such as filthy pornography and bloody terror. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bypass the regulatory mechanism to provide services to domestic users through overseas game platforms.

Game companies must establish and improve the management mechanism of the game operation platform, and live-streaming platforms must not set high rewards or give rewards to minors. Game e-commerce platforms shall not provide account leasing services to minors in any form.

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Artists and celebrities involved in illegal or immoral actions cannot be invited to endorse advertisements. Big data tactics and illegal usage of personal data to induce users to indulge in games will be prohibited.

The organization launched the anti-addiction convention to implement a recent notice issued by The National Press and Publication Administration. The government regulatory authorities have taken comprehensive measures to review the game industry, including reducing the playing time of minors and setting up public reporting websites.