Chinese EV Maker NIO Issues Mass Recall of ES8 Due to Battery Flaws

Shanghai-based electric vehicle manufacturer NIO today issued a mass recall of its ES8 models through an announcement made on its official Weibo account.

NIO filed a recall request in accordance with the laws stipulated by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) following at least three instances of fire incidents with its ES8 models. After the request was approved, the company proceeded to conduct a mass recall of ES8 purchased between April and October of 2018.

On June 14, a NIO ES8 catches fire in Wuhan province
On June 14, a NIO ES8 catches fire in Wuhan province (Source: thepaper)

NIO said in the statement that there was a flaw in the design and quality of the NEV-P50 batteries used in the ES8s sold throughout the period in question. It explained that circuit wires used in the NEV-P50 modules had a tendency to shift positions, making them a potential fire starter for the electric vehicles.

NIO ES8 (Source: NIO)

“Starting from today, we are recalling a total of 4,803 vehicles equipped with NEV-P50 battery modules manufactured between April 2, 2018, and October 19, 2018. We will replace the battery pack with NEV-P102 battery modules to eliminate safety hazards,” said NIO.

NIO stock
NIO stock (Source: Google)

NIO said that vehicles produced after October 20, 2018, all feature the new NEV-P102 battery modules, which adopts a different internal structure and design, making them a safe alternative.

NIO had also promised to pay for all user and property losses incurred by the flaws in battery. It estimates that battery replacement for the vehicles in question will be completed within two months.

Featured Image Source: NIO