Chinese E-Commerce Player Pinduoduo Launches Brand Day Celebration With Baidu

Pinduoduo jointly launched “Super Brand Day Activities” with Xiaodu, China’s largest search engine Baidu’s artificial intelligence speaker.

Jing Kun, vice president of Baidu group, walked into the Pinduoduo studio to demonstrate the latest intelligent products of Xiaodu Technology.

Through live video, more than 180,000 Pinduoduo users took a virtual tour into Baidu science and Technology Park, visiting the experience shop and interacting with Jing.

Launched on Pinduoduo last December, Xiaodu flagship store has attracted nearly 200,000 fans and topped the most popular speaker / audio list.

Since 2017, Baidu‘s intelligent hardware brand has had strong momentum of small-scale development and excellent market performance. According to the latest smart speaker shipment data released by Canalys, a global market research firm, in the first half of this year, about 45.76 million smart speakers were sold in the world, with Amazon, Google and Baidu ranking the top three with 12.03 million, 8.81 million and 8.63 million total sales, respectively.

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At present, a full range of Baidu smart products, including smart headphones, smart speakers, voice car stand, TV companion, etc., have been launched on Pinduoduo.

On Sept. 30, Pinduoduo and Xiaodu jointly launched the "Super Brand Day", with all products under Xiaodu participating in the event
On Sept. 30, Pinduoduo and Xiaodu jointly launched the “Super Brand Day”, with all products under Xiaodu participating in the event.

The connection between Xiaodu and Pinduoduo started last December. Based on the policy of “0 Commission” and “0 platform service fee”, Pinduoduo has become one of the most important selling platforms for Xiaodu.

According to the platform data, more than 70% of users who buy small smart speaker products are post-90s and post-00s. At the same time, orders from tier 3-5 cities accounted for 46% of the sales, almost equal to those in first and second tier cities.

This is also related to Pinduoduo‘s 10 billion subsidies initiative and taking digital 3C products as an important category of subsidies. Earlier data shows that since the implementation of the 10 billion subsidy strategy in 2019, Pinduoduo sold 400,000 iPhone11 units during the Double 11 period in 2019.

These subsidized products are not only more affordable, but also guarantee quality, according to Pinduoduo. For example, Xiaodu’s official flagship store’s smart headphones, smart speakers and other products are now genuinely insured: If consumers buy fake goods, they can claim compensation after obtaining an appraisal report provided by a third-party testing agency.

“This year, we held two brand day activities on Pinduoduo, and the results were very good,” Jing said. “In the future, we will bring more sincerity to our consumers with more choices while we further improve the user experience.”