Chinese Brands to Launch Ultra-Micro Selfie Camera Full-View Smartphones

A prominent Chinese tech industry blogger with Weibo account name “Digital Chat Station” broke the news on August 3 that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are researching new full-view screen smartphone solutions, and that some will launch an “ultra-micro selfie camera solution.” This feature will package the selfie camera on the smartphone’s frame, without a heavy mechanical structure or affecting the screen, and with better imaging quality.

ZET Axon 40 Ultra (Source: ZTE)

According to the blogger, a new foldable smartphone model will adopt this solution, and a straight display model is also under consideration. Consumers can look forward to whether the “ultra-micro selfie camera solution” can bring about better full-view smartphones.

Full-view smartphones represent a more perfect form pursued by manufacturers. For this reason, major smartphone manufacturers in China have introduced models with pop-up cameras and in-display cameras, such as vivo NEX and ZTE Axon 40 Ultra.

vivo NEX 3 (Source: vivo)

However, the popup camera occupies too much space in the device, while the whole model can be too heavy or thick – not to mention the high cost of maintenance. On the other hand, the in-display camera has the problem of poor imaging quality. Nowadays, most smartphones have returned to notch displays, which can be a compromise.

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Xiaomi also applied for patent named “pop-up camera module and terminal” in June this year, and made new explorations into mechanical popup cameras. According to the patent overview, compared with existing technology, the pop-up camera module example provided by patent reduces the complexity of the structure of the module, and also saves the occupied space.