Chinese Automaker BYD Publishes Patent Related to Foldable Smartphones

A patent named “Foldable Device Equipped With Flexible Screens” applied for by Shenzhen-based automobile manufacturer BYD was published on December 23.

The picture attached to the patent. (Source: China’s National Intellectual Property Administration)

The patent overview shows that the invention is a foldable device that adopts flexible screens. It solves the problem of current foldable devices that cannot provide stable support to their screens.

In fact, BYD, which is known for business operations involving automobiles, batteries and semiconductor manufacturing, is also engaged in the design, R&D, manufacturing of electronics such as mobile phones and computers. Its customers include Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and other firms.

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At a forum held in June 2021, Wang Chuanfu, the chairman of BYD, stated, “We manufacture many mobile phones, and most of Huawei’s smartphones are made by us,” adding that “90% of Huawei’s metal frames are made by us, and we also do the whole processing and assembly.”

On August 29, BYD released its semi-annual report for 2022, showing that its revenue mainly consists of mobile phone parts and assembly business as well as automobile and battery business. In the first half of this year, the company achieved a total operating income of 150.607 billion yuan ($21.6 billion), an increase of 65.17% from the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 3.595 billion yuan, an increase of 206.35% over the same period of last year.

While revenue and profits have increased rapidly, BYD’s R&D investment is also maintaining a high pace of growth. The financial report also shows that R&D investment in the first half of the year reached 6.47 billion yuan. The company stated that the high investment has helped it maintain its technological leadership in pure electric platforms, plug-in hybrid platforms and battery technology in the automobile and battery business, and expand its business in smartphone components and assembly, as well as photovoltaics and urban transportation.

In addition, in the mobile phone components and assembly field, BYD will also develop more high-quality new smart products, and it is expected that smart home appliances, drones, e-cigarettes and other products will promote its continuous growth.