Chinese AR Company Goolton Technology and Intel to Jointly Develop Metaverse Ecology

Goolton Technology, a Chinese remote AR collaborative platform provider, and Intel (China) announced on Wednesday that they had reached an agreement on the ecological construction for the industrial Metaverse. The two sides will work together to research and develop AR terminal equipment, AI algorithms and model training, operation systems and other fields, so as to build  an entire industrial Metaverse ecology.

With advances in intelligent learning and data analytics, industrial systems are undergoing a rapid digital transformation which being driven by massive amounts of machine-generated sensor and vision data, said Intel’s project leader. Intel’s Industrial Edge Insight platform is able to securely extract, analyze and store video and timing data at the edge, which can help industrial solution providers like Goolton Technology improve their product quality, optimize operations and increase overall efficiency.

Cui Haitao, founder and CEO of Goolton Technology, said that the metaverse in a broad sense is a digital world parallel to the real world. In the future, the whole world will be taken over by a giant “robot”. AR glasses, as an emerging sensing tool, depend on core components and ecosystem support while also commanding substantial computational power. In the future, both parties intend to help industrial users take advantage of the opportunities of the digital transformation and integrate the real world with the digital world.

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Founded in 2017, Goolton Technology is an AR + AI application technology service provider. It mainly empowers large enterprise customers in the fields of public security, customs, safety supervision and finance through software algorithm support and software and hardware solutions through its Goolton Cloud AR industry chain. The company’s goal is to help enterprise customers reduce their costs while increasing efficiency.