China’s YOOZOO Games to Implement Strict New Measures for Minors

Tencent has issued a series of measures for the protection of minors in the gaming world. YOOZOO Games has recently posted on its official account that it will improve the anti-addiction mechanism of its products to prevent minors from becoming addicted to its game offerings and create a green and healthy gaming environment based on technology.

YOOZOO Games has previously implemented other measures to protect minors from addictive game play, but will establish and enhance anti-addiction mechanisms for minors through measures such as real name authentication, recharging limits and duration of game play.

YOOZOO Games was established by Lin Qi in Shanghai in 2009, and now has branches in Nanjing, Singapore and other cities. It officially entered on the A-share market in June 2014.

YOOZOO Games strictly requires all game accounts to be authenticated by real names. At present, all of the games on its official website contain prompt icons indicating the necessary age level.

For players aged 7 or younger, any kind of recharge is prohibited. For players aged 8-15 years old, a single or cumulative recharge amount of the player will be detected after entering the recharge interface and when any of the recharge slots is clicked, if the recharge slot selected by the player is greater than RMB 50, or the cumulative amount of the recharge for the month is greater than RMB 200, a pop-up anti-addiction prompt will appear and the player will be unable to proceed with the recharge. For players aged 16-17 years old, they are unable to proceed with the recharge if the cumulative amount of the recharge for the month is greater than RMB 400.

YOOZOO Games has targeted the upper limit of users’ cumulative recharge amounts for all games on their platforms. When the total recharge of all games for a minor exceeds the above setting, YOOZOO Games will restrict the user’s recharge amount.

Regarding game duration, YOOZOO Games has indicated that players under the age of 18 who play more than 1.5 hours per day on non-holidays and more than 3 hours per day on holidays, or who are still in the game from 22:00 every day to 8:00 the next day, will be forced to log out and will not be able to log in to the game again.

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YOOZOO Games is constantly strengthening the protection of data information and privacy of all users including its systems, technologies and awareness, while contributing to an overall positive atmosphere in the industry.