China’s MIIT Publishes Declaration List Including NIO ES7

On Thursday, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published a vehicle declaration list that included the ES7 model produced by automaker NIO. The company said previously that the ES7 would be released at the end of May.

The length, width and height of the ES7 are 4912/1987/1720mm and its wheelbase is 2960mm. The new car is built on the NT2.0 technology platform, a second generation electric driving system developed by NIO, and it comes standard with 19 auxiliary driving functions.

The NIO ES7 is positioned as a medium-to-large five-seat SUV, and its intelligence level is consistent with that of the ET5 and ET7, which will also be delivered within this year. NIO‘s ES7 features bilateral corner cameras and overhead lidar, as well as NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving). Through Aquila, a superautomated driving sensing system by NIO, and Adam, a super-computing platform, the ES7 realizes scenarios including high-speed, urban driving, parking, battery swap and others.

In terms of appearance, the NIO ES7 adopts the latest family-style X-Bar design language. In terms of performance, NIO‘s ES7 adopts the four-wheel drive layout of front and rear dual motors. The maximum power of the motor is 180kW/300kW, the total power of the system is 480kW, and the total torque is 850 N • m, which is basically consistent with the NIO ET7.

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In addition, the NIO ES7 is available with a 75kWh ternary lithium iron battery and a 100kWh ternary lithium battery. Considering the battery life of the ET7 with above two batteries enables a driving range of 530 km and 675 km under CLTC, it is estimated that the battery life range of the NIO ES7 with these two battery packs is about 480 km and 600 km respectively.