China’s Gaming Industry Hits 220B Yuan, Accounts for 28% of Global

The China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association released a report on the development of the Chinese game industry in 2017. The domestic game market has improved steadily over the year, but the growth rate has dropped and the game market is unevenly distributed.

The industry’s overall revenue this year was about 220 billion yuan

The overall operating income from the Chinese gaming industry was nearly 220 billion yuan this year, up by more than 23 percent year on year. Among them, online games far outperform game consoles and VR games. The annual operating income exceeds 200 billion yuan.

Users’ game habits in the era of the mobile Internet have also led to a great divergence in online game market. Revenue from mobile games was 110 billion yuan, accounting for half the online game market. At the same time, as Web games cannot meet the needs of the player, the number of Web game users fell by 14.7 percent year on year.

Li Ming, an industry insider said, “This year, the global gaming market revenue will reach 766.1 billion yuan, up by 10.7 percent from a year earlier. The growth in the mobile games market is fastest. China accounted for 28 percent of the global market, close to the proportion of last year’s global movie box office.

Chinese R&D Enters Overseas Market

With the continuous improvement inn the quality of Chinese online games, many game makers are more willing to expand abroad. The report showed that China’s online games generated more than $7.6 billion revenue in the overseas market this year, and Chinese online game companies are rushing to dominate markets in southeast Asia, the US and Europe. Many games consciously incorporate Chinese elements into their contents.

Industry insider Pu Linjiang said we could present Chinese elements through game story, props, voice and fine art. For instance, we could incorporate Suzhou’s embroidery into special costumes, which could be seen in the game and could be enjoyed offline. We could also integrate folk culture, such as the Chinese zither and lunar calendar. Users may be able to see the 24 solar terms through game content, he said.

This article originally appeared in CCTV and was translated by Pandaily.