China’s EV Maker Xpeng Receives License for its Factory

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Xpeng Motors has received a license from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to produce whole vehicles, the company announced today. 

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With the license, Xpeng can finally produce Xpeng EVs at its own factory, which broke ground as early as 2017. Located in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, the industrial park covers a total area of 3,000 acres, or over 130 million sq. ft., where half of the space is devoted to vehicle production. 

There are five workshops of stamping, welding, painting, assembly, and packing, flexible assembly lines for four different models, one flexible battery pack line, and 264 sets of industrial robots. In addition, the factory has 18 test routes that can test functions such as brake comfort, sealing, and automatic parking. 

All workshops at the factory were fully capped in September 2019, and have started pre-production testing since then. Through small-batch pilot production of Xpeng P7, the whole production process has been run and verified. Customers can expect to have their P7 produced at the new factory and delivered as scheduled.

Learning from the experience of building the Haima Xpeng Intelligent Manufacturing Plant, a joint factory with Haima Motors, Xpeng is building its own factory in accordance with industry 4.0 standards. It combines an MES manufacturing execution system with Internet of Things technology and monitoring technology to build a digital intelligent factory with a visualization of information on production, equipment, process and quality.