China’s Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners 2020

Short videos continue to gain popularity in China, along with social video platforms such as the TikTok, Kuaishou and Bilibili. As such, there has been a growing need for video editors. If you want to become a creator, creating short clips, vlogs or even full-length films, picking a right video editing software can help a lot. Here are three free video editing apps for beginners.

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Kuaishou’s video editing tool Kuaiying

Kuaishou’s video editing app Kuaiying

Early in 2017 Kuaishou, a leading short video app in China, had launched its own video editing software Kuaiying. Kuaiying is a free video shooting, editing and production tool available for Android and iOS smartphones. It offers rich music, sound effects and video templates in its library, allowing users to easily complete video editing on their phones. The video editor can automatically extract audio from the video and generate subtitles through voice recognition. What’s more, people can record or extract video sounds in real time to generate text videos.

ByteDance’s video editing app CapCut (Viamaker)

ByteDance’s free video editor Jianying (CapCut)

In April, Bytedance launched the overseas version of Jianying, a free video editing software catered to its popular short video app TikTok under the name Viamaker, which was then officially renamed “CapCut”. Jianying topped the Most Downloaded Apps in 2019 in China. The overseas version, CapCut, has the same functions and features as Jianying. It is a free all-in-one video editing app that can help users easily create short videos. Creators will be able to easily cut, reverse and change video speed, add subtitles, music, and magical effects to their videos within the app.

Bilibili’s free video editing app Bcut

Bilibili‘s free video editing app (Source: BiliBili)

Several popular online video hosting sites have been competing in the video editing software market to refuel their platforms’ video production for a long time. Recently, Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing platform, joined the game and launched its first video editing app Bcut (Bijian), mainly targeting its Generation-Z users. The app resembles TikTok’s CapCut and Kuaishou’s Kuaiying. Users can login with their Bilibili account and upload videos to Bilibili after they finish their edits. In addition to the regular video editing function, Bcut incorporates a screen recording function and a voice changing function, a common playful twist many Bilibili creators like. The new video editor also includes anime style stickers as well as effects that remind people of Bilibili’s original app.