China Strengthens Supervision of Blockchain Information Services

On Tuesday, the Cyberspace Administration of China released the names and record numbers of the eighth batch of registered domestic blockchain information service providers, including 106 new entities.

According to the list, the subjects and services that passed the filing this time are concentrated in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shanghai. Most of them come from fields like governmental affairs, finance, copyright, justice, agriculture, education, and medical care. The services they provide include certificate storage, data sharing, traceability, digitalization, and more.

As an emerging technology, blockchain’s core features are unchangeable and anonymous data. According to relevant regulations in China, enterprises that provide information services to the public through websites, applications and other forms on the basis of blockchain technology or systems must register for an official filing.

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Public blockchain, consortium blockchain and private blockchain are all included in the scope of filing. Blockchain information service providers shall indicate their record numbers in prominent positions on their websites and applications. The filing does not necessarily indicate regulators’ recognition for any institutions, products and services. Moreover, the record numbers can not be used for any commercial purpose.