China Allows BOSS Zhipin, Full Truck Alliance Apps to Resume User Registration

Three popular apps that had been placed under review by China’s cyberspace regulator last year announced the resumption of new user registrations on Wednesday. Two of them are under Full Truck Alliance, a digital freight platform, and the other one is BOSS Zhipin, an online recruitment platform.

Full Truck Alliance has been committed to building an efficient platform to match drivers and consignors and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on June 22, 2021. BOSS Zhipin, or Kanzhun, on the other hand, is the largest online recruitment platform in China and is a pioneer in transforming China’s online recruitment industry with its Direct Recruitment Model. The platform promotes instant direct chats between company bosses and job seekers, and delivers accurate recommendation results to improve recruitment efficiency.

In order to prevent any risks to national security, the National Cyberspace Administration issued an announcement in July 2021 in which is would carry out a network security review on BOSS Zhipin, Full Truck Alliance’s apps – “Yunmanman” and “Huochebang”. The investigation led to the suspension of new user registrations on the apps until the review was complete.

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Both companies’ announcements on Wednesday said that in the past year, the companies have cooperated with the national network security review and carried out comprehensive rectifications. In the future, effective measures will be taken to ensure the security of platform facilities and big data and safeguard national security.