Cheetah Mobile Launches the Most Affordable AI Translator

Cheetah Mobile Inc. released on July 19 its brand-new AI interpretation device Cheetah Translator with long standby time.

Cheetah Translator launch event.
Cheetah Translator launch event. Image Source: Cheetah Mobile.

The portable, instant-voice translator can stand by for as long as 180 days and continuously work for 24 hours after one full charge, surpassing any other product of its kind in the market in these two metrics, as the Beijing-based company said in a product statement

The size of Cheetah Translator.
The size of Cheetah Translator. Image Source: Internet.

As a product to help users communicate with people speaking other languages, the Cheetah Translator has a user-friendly one-button design that delivers multiple functions from choosing a language to requesting for an interpretation. It can automatically identify a foreign language and translate it into the set language. Currently, the Cheetah Translator supports only three languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Cheetah Translator
Cheetah Translator. Image Source: Internet.

The small device weights only 45 grams and measures 35 x 136 mm. Two mics and a software noise reduction software are installed to help guarantee the clear expression of conversations through the translator.

Cheetah Translator not only beats all other interpreter products with its weight but also with its affordable price.

Cheetah Mobile is a Chinese Internet company publicly listed on the NYSE. It is the creator of many popular mobile apps and PC softwares; this is their first attempt at hardware.