Chairman Chen Rui: Bilibili Is Not a Video Player

Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili celebrated its 13th anniversary on Sunday. During the event, Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of the company, declared that Bilibili is not a video player, its mission is to create good content, and its job is to serve creators. There are 2,964 employees of the platform who serve uploaders full-time.

At the anniversary event, Chen shared his feelings: “Bilibili has been established for 13 years, which is older than many internet products. However, people have always thought that it is a young and energetic product.” Chen believes that Bilibili can always keep energetic, which cannot be separated from its energetic creators. Every year, Bilibili grows up with various new content uploaders, which will bring creative outcomes. It is this new content that brings surprises to Bilibili users and attracts more and more new users join the platform.

In the first quarter of 2022, the average monthly active users of Bilibili reached 294 million. The number of content creators is also growing rapidly, with monthly active uploaders reaching 3.8 million, a year-on-year increase of 75%. The monthly content submission volume was 12.6 million, a year-on-year increase of 63%. Meanwhile, 65% of Bilibili users registered in 2009 are still active on the platform.

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“Being able to continuously produce ‘Treasure Uploaders’ is not only the vitality of Bilibili, but also its value,” said Chen. The executive also described the definition of “Treasure Uploaders”: “Firstly, they are content creators that surprised users with impressive videos. Discovering them was like digging treasure. Secondly, after following such uploaders, users will always pay attention to their work.”

Also at the anniversary event, Li Ni, Vice Chairman and COO of Bilibili, also reported the achievements of the company in terms of public welfare in the past year. This year, the company established its fifth public welfare primary school. In addition to rural education, Bilibili has also launched a public welfare platform. During the S11 Coven event for League of Legends, the first livestreaming room based on AI speech recognition subtitles was launched. Bilibili has provided emotional counseling to 167,000 users and has conducted psychological interventions in 57,000 emergencies.