CEO Li Xiang: More than 95% of User’s Needs Can be Met by Speaking to Li Auto

On June 6th, Li Xiang, the CEO of Li Auto, forwarded a message from a relevant blogger and stated that in addition to child mode, OTA 4.5’s voice system has switched to fully self-developed algorithms.

More than 95% of controls and demands can be completed by just opening your mouth without disturbing daily language communication with family members.

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Starting from May 26, 2023, Li Auto‘s L9, L8, and L7 will receive OTA version 4.5 upgrades for their in-car systems. The upgrade includes new features such as the “Sound Master” audio tuning system, the “Little Master” mode, and voice interaction feature called “Voiceprint”. Among them, the “Little Master” mode provides children with an exclusive “magic interface”, authorized access to the original IP of “One Hundred Thousand Whys”, and a large library of children’s songs called “Many Children’s Songs”.

In terms of power, this OTA upgrade includes optimization of the extended-range electric system strategy. The “launch start” has been officially upgraded to a “high-performance” mode, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration time of the Ideal L8 has been improved to 5.3 seconds.