CATL’s Skateboard Chassis Set for Mass Production Next Year

On November 30, CATL’s Chief Scientist Wu Kai revealed at the 2023 International Automotive Electronics and Software Conference that at present, CATL’s “skateboard chassis” has achieved a technological breakthrough. The first B-class sedan launched with partners has completed winter testing in Heihe and summer testing in Turpan.

The so-called “skateboard chassis” integrates the battery, electric drive system, suspension, brakes, and other components on the chassis in advance, forming an independent functional area. This design reduces vehicle purchase costs and save energy consumption, while expanding vehicle passenger space. In addition, due to the high integration of the chassis and its flat surface, the appearance highly resembles a skateboard, hence the name “skateboard chassis.”

According to Wu Kai, The car achieves a 75% efficiency in battery pack assembly, breaks through 1000 kilometers in range, has less than 30% attenuation at -7 degrees Celsius, consumes 10.5 kWh per 100 kilometers, achieves 300 kilometers of charge in 5 minutes, and the chassis supports CNCAP five-star collision requirements, with more than 80% energy absorption in underbody collision.

At the conference, Wu Kai also revealed that the skateboard chassis is expected to achieve mass production in the third quarter of next year.

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