CATL: “Calling on Employees to Implement the 896 Work System for 100 Days” Is A Rumor

A document circulating online states that CATL has issued a call to its employees for “100 days of hard work”. Eligible employees will implement the 896 work system starting from June 12, with working hours from 8 am to 9 pm, six days a week, for a total of “struggling” for 100 days. There is an additional notice in the call document stating: Foreign employees are not required and can choose according to their own wishes.

In response to this, an insider from CATL stated that the company did issue a call for ‘100 days of hard work,’ but there is no rule like ‘896.’ They said, ‘This is just a rumor. If anyone spreads rumors again, we will take legal measures to protect our rights.’ The insider mentioned that the reason for issuing the call for ‘100 days of hard work’ is because ‘we need to strive in order to continue developing under positive industry trends; the spirit of hard work is what we should promote now.’ They clarified that this call is not targeting specific employees but rather starting from leadership and cascading down. The mention of 100 days was simply to set clear goals and not due to any production pressure or sanctions during this period.

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